I'm Steve, watch why I've switched from Kerry to DeanI'm Robert, a first time voter, watch why I'm voting for Dean I'm Tony, a Democrat, watch why I've switched to DeanI'm Garrett, a lifelong Republican. Watch why I've switched to DeanI'm Mary, I've always voted Green. Watch why I've switched to DeanI'm Liz, I used to be for Kerry., Watch why I've Switched to Dean! I'm Michael, I'm Green. Watch why I've Switched to DeanHi, I'm Max. I'm an Independent. Watch why I've Switched to Dean! I'm Jeff--I've been voting Green. Watch why I've Switched to DeanI'm Mike--I've been a Republican all my life. Watch why I've Switched to DeanI'm Phil, a life-long Republican. Watch why I've Switched to Dean
I'm Max, an indpendent from California. See why we all switched to Dean

Every day thousands of people are switching to Democrat Howard Dean for President.

We were Independents, Greens, Kerry supporters, even Republicans! Now we're for Dean. Why? Because he's proven he's socially progressive while balancing the budget. He's done it in Vermont and he can do it for the country. Dean is inspiring, passionate, and has answers for today's problems. See all our videos.

Take back our country. Switch to Dean for President.

From the Switch2Dean Blog:

I had been a life-long politically active Republican. In '92, I was named a "rising star in Iowa politics" by the Waterloo Courier for my role in a come from behind State Senate race. The Republican party left me in the years since and I left politics all together. I became disenchanted and pessimistic of my party. Just two weeks ago, I finally changed my affiliation, so that I may support Howard Dean in our caucus.

George Bush has proven to be a "stealth candidate" for the radical right, special interests and corporate America. We, as a government, of, by and for the people must stand up and be counted. Howard Dean is doing just that, with over 500,000 other Americans behind him!! He is inspiring, determined and not one to be bullied around. He is leading the fight against them in new, innovative ways. America is yearning for change. It is up to each of us to get behind him, bring additional people to the cause and fight for what we know is right. THIS IS THE SECRET TO THE "DEAN PHENOMENOM". Dean caught the establishment of the Democrats off guard. Now its time for the Republicans and George W. Bush. Go Dean, Go!!

--Frank Shaw

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