I've Switched to Dean for President

About “I Switched to Dean”

Howard Dean's message speaks to the American people. It‘s persuasive, powerful, and practical, as witnessed by these testimonials from individuals who‘ve switched their allegiances and signed up with Dean for America.

In true grassroots fashion, the Dean Media Team recorded the first set of impromptu videos during the August 2003 San Francisco Meetup and rest during a video shoot in September 2003.

The Switchers are not professional actors. They were not coached, nor were they paid for these testimonials. They speak from their hearts (and heads).

We invite contributions to “I Switched to Dean” from Dean supporters everywhere.  We especially urge local Meetups and other DFA organizations to produce their own “I Switched” videos and send them to us.  We‘ll add them to those already posted. For production specifications and assistance, or to learn more about the “I Switched” project, .

We also welcome audio and text stories that we can incorporate into this website. Tell us your switch story!

Howard Dean speaks to hearts of all Americans, and they respond. Help us to capture and share their energy with a nation hungry for hope, real leadership, and better times.

Get Your Own Copy on DVD

You can now order your own copy of the “I Switched” videos through Howard Dean DVDs.  Select the "Sleepless Summer" DVD which also includes:

  • August 16 speech to the Young Democrats convention, Buffalo NY (30 min.) The content is similar but not identical to the Falls Church Virginia speech, also on this DVD.
  • August 24 “Sleepless Summer” tour speech in Falls Church, VA   (27 min.)
  • August 2003 Texas TV commercial.
  • News clips: Arizona and New York.
  • “Sleepless Summer” tour footage and September message to Meetups (3 min.)

The cost is $4 per disc plus shipping.

If you'd like information on how to burn the “I Switched” videos on your own DVD,  .

About the Dean Media Team

The San Francisco-based Dean Media Team created the “I Switched” videos and website. We‘re a dynamic community of dedicated media professionals -- communication strategists, information designers, print and graphic designers, video and sound producers, and writers -- who devote their time, talent, and passion working  to get Howard Dean elected.  Switch2Dean Videos by Kevin Murray. Produced by Bart Myers and David Fox. Site design by Daniel Will-Harris. See all the credits for Switch2Dean here.

Thanks from all of us for visiting and helping to make Howard Dean our President in 2004: a victory for all Americans!

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Take back our country - Switch to Dean for President

Want the official Dean script font? You can buy it from type designer & Dean supporter Brian Willson‘s Type Quarry

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