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From the Switch2Dean Blog:

I haven't voted since McGovern and have become very cynical about politics over the years. I understand the power elite that runs our country, regardless of which party is in the White House, and try to educate myself and my children about it, but I haven't had any sense that it could be defeated. Then I heard one of Dean's campaign speeches and I started crying, and I couldn't stop. Something had touched my heart and given me hope that I had thought was gone forever. It started to dawn on me that Dean could really change the country, and that together, we could bring honesty and honor and intelligence, and caring, and the sense that we're all working together to build a great country that really can lead the world not control the world. My name is Tom Luciani and I just registered to vote in Ca. I am a reclaimed voter for Howard Dean.

--Tom Luciani

I never thought in a million years that I would leave the Independents and support a Democrat, but Dean has everything I've been looking for in a President. He's the first in a long line of Presidential candidates to take a stand and tell it like it is.

Dean seems to understand what it is that "We the People" need in a leader and he doesn't discount that we have the power to vote him in or out of office.

After years of being independent, I'm voting for Dean.

Thank you Howard for your honesty and liveliness. It's refreshing to find someone like you running for office!

--Ken in Wisconsin

My husband and I were Republicans for years, but find the far right policies of the party and particularly this administration distasteful and wrong. We know from our travels and conversations with friends from other countries how people all over t the world fear and dislike George W. Bush. Another four years of this administration may do such harm to our economy, our environment and international relations that we may never recover. Howard Dean says it like it is and has never wavered from his basic message. We have switched party affiliation and support Howard Dean.

--Lynda Unterthiner

My hometown is Sioux City, Iowa where my aunt Ollie still lives. My aunt is a life-long Republican who voted for GWBush. She won't make that mistake again. I will be going to Sioux City to help with the Iowa primary on January 19, which also happens to be her 92nd birthday. My aunt will join me in supporting Howard Dean!

--Elizabeth in Menlo Park, CA

I've never voted for a Democrat for President before. However, Bush's radical administration got my attention the first week he was in office, and I realized I had to start paying more attention to what our government was up to. Things got worse and worse, and last spring I finally realized that to stop our country from certain disaster we must unite against the new radical republican party before it is too late. It did not take me too long to figure out that Howard Dean was the ONLY candidate for President to do it. In fact, his courage, his candor, and his intelligent sizing up of events as they happen (and not as they are spun by the media and pushed by Washington insiders) convinced me that he has what it takes to turn this country around.

--No More Bush

I'm doing all I can to help elect Dean. Seniors need to get into the fight to take back our country!!


I voted for George Bush in 2000.  I helped campaign for the Louisiana Senatorial campaign for a Republican Senator.

I made the switch to save our country from destruction.  I firmly believe that we are on the road to bankruptcy, cancellation of Social Security and Medicare, and global isolation.  We are losing our friends and allies.

I made the switch to move our country forward, to take our country back, to deliver it to the people.  I made the switch to give my children a reason for hope rather than fear.

We need a change. Howard Dean gives me hope that it is possible.

--Steven R.

I had been a life-long politically active Republican. In '92, I was named a "rising star in Iowa politics" by the Waterloo Courier for my role in a come from behind State Senate race. The Republican party left me in the years since and I left politics all together. I became disenchanted and pessimistic of my party. Just two weeks ago, I finally changed my affiliation, so that I may support Howard Dean in our caucus.

George Bush has proven to be a "stealth candidate" for the radical right, special interests and corporate America. We, as a government, of, by and for the people must stand up and be counted. Howard Dean is doing just that, with over 500,000 other Americans behind him!! He is inspiring, determined and not one to be bullied around. He is leading the fight against them in new, innovative ways. America is yearning for change. It is up to each of us to get behind him, bring additional people to the cause and fight for what we know is right. THIS IS THE SECRET TO THE "DEAN PHENOMENOM". Dean caught the establishment of the Democrats off guard. Now its time for the Republicans and George W. Bush. Go Dean, Go!!

--Frank Shaw

I supported Bush in 2000. His vision for our foreign policy was more inspiring than Gore's, and he promised to bring our troops home.

Instead he's squandered the goodwill that existed for our country after 9/11, and he's making our country a more dangerous place to be each day he's in office.
My name is Omar, a college student, an Independent, and if Dean takes the Democratic Party in the right direction, I'll soon be a Democrat, too.


See all the blog entries, and tell us your own switch story!


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