I've Switched to Dean for President

I'm Liz, I used to be for Kerry


I was a strong supporter of Senator Kerry, because I thought that he has, sort-of, the positions that I support.  I think that I need to support someone that's going to win and there are a lot of good candidates out there, but I want to support the person that I think will both be able to beat President Bush and to also really bring people back into the political process and make people believe that there are, that there is such a think as a decent politician that's going to do things to help make this country be a better place to live.

I think what excites me is the people that he is bringing into the process, whether it's through register to vote efforts or it's just getting people to sign up through the MeetUp, or as a donor, you know, a small donor, because I think that our political process is being corrupted by the large donors and we need to make people believe that every dollar they can contribute, every little thing they can do is going to help them to elect a good leader in this country.

I'm really excited and interested in the positions that Governor Dean takes on the environment.  I think that he has worked really hard in Vermont and has accomplishments protecting wilderness and putting, setting it aside for future generations and then, at the same time, focusing on trying to rebuild urban areas. I live in a city and I really think that it's important that we work to make the places where we live places that we want to stay, so that we don't always end up wanting to overdevelop all the areas that are beautiful in nature.

My name is Liz. I work as an organizer in the environmental community and I'm working to take back our country.

Take back our country - Switch to Dean for President
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