I've Switched to Dean for President

I'm Mary, I've always been Green


I've been registered Green Party and I'm not voting Green Party in the national election because I believe that Howard Dean can really make a difference for everyday Americans and we need somebody that can beat George Bush — someone who can out-talk him, someone who can out-perform him, someone who can out-think him and Howard Dean's the man to do it. 

Wow, well, finally, there's a candidate for Democrats who isn't sold out to corporations, isn't mimicking the Republicans on their stand on international policy or in supporting more tax cuts for the rich and somebody that actually cares about regular working people, wants to get healthcare onboard for every American and wants to make a difference for women in this country who are losing their rights right and left.  I'm hoping that when it comes around for a new Supreme Court nomination, that it won't be somebody who is actually against the common man. 

Well, I've always been a Green Party activist on a local level and I still think that's very important, but when it comes down to the national Presidential election that's coming up in 2004, with the enormous ramifications, the enormous effects that's going to have internationally, it's time for a change and we have to get the Republicans out of office and that's got to come out of the Democratic Party.  And so I'm doing everything that I can to make sure that as we come through the caucuses and we get to the Democratic nominee, that that's going to be Howard Dean.

I think the most important thing about Howard Dean's policies when he moves into the national level is to step away from vengeance and from imperialism as a national policy. I think it's really time the United States stops swashbuckling through the United Nations, swashbuckling their way through dealing with whatever sovereign nations we feel like controlling and lets them be and operates as just another sovereign nation — taking care of their own people, their own people's needs and I'm excited because he seriously wants to work on the economy in a way that will effect the everyday person.

My name is Mary and I work in Environmental Health...

Take back our country - Switch to Dean for President
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