I've Switched to Dean for President

I'm Michael, I've always voted Green...
Ok, well, I'm actually registered with the Green Party and in the last elections, I voted Green all the way.  Yep.  The main reason I'm not voting with the Green Party in this election is, well, for starters, because I discovered Howard Dean and I just think he's amazing.  He's a great speaker and he's very uplifting and we share the majority of my viewpoints, which I didn't really expect. 

I mean, the main other reason, though, is I kind of felt let down by the outcome of the 2000 election.  I very much felt that Nader, at the end of that, should have told the Green Party members to vote for Gore and thrown his support behind Gore. Even though I didn't really like Gore, I guess I didn't know how terrible Bush would have been and I'm willing to compromise a little more this time and, you know, I recognize that getting somebody other than Bush elected is key and Dean can win.  That's why I support Dean.

What excites me about Dean?  Well, ok, for starters, he's got an amazing smile and when he smiles, I have to smile... and the way he talks, he's just got a very exciting tone and some of the other candidates... maybe I agree with what they say, but they sound like they don't really believe it and when Dean speaks, I just believe what he says. I believe that he really believes it and that's very exciting for me.  So that's important.

One issue that really speaks to me that Dean speaks about is his strong opposition to the Iraq war and I was very strongly opposed to that.  I didn't think the evidence was there, we didn't get the support of the United Nations and I think it was a mistake and I think we'll regret it for years to come and Dean has stated that time and time again and I agree with him.

My name is Michael.  I'm a software engineer and I'm taking back my country.

Take back our country - Switch to Dean for President
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