I've Switched to Dean for President

I'm Mike, been a Republican all my life, now I've switched to Dean


I've been a Republican all my life.  I've had a great deal of difficulty voting for Republicans lately, though. As far as I'm concerned, they keep putting up stiffs against Democrats? and particularly Bush — I just can't abide.  I voted against him, reluctantly, because I didn't much care for the opposition candidate either. I voted against his dad as well again, reluctantly.

I think [Dean's] the guy who can beat Bush and I'll do almost anything to beat Bush. The war that he's foisted on us has got me upset. I think he's basically in bed with big business and I can't find very many of his policies that I agree with.

Well, first of all, he was against the war and for pretty much the same reasons that I was — namely, that there wasn't any immediate threat and no need to go to war. Secondly, he went to war without allies and Dean is all for building alliances with Europe and Asia and Bush seems to be willing to go it alone.

First of all, I like his position on women's right to choose.  I like his position on gun control. He doesn't like Ashcroft and anybody who doesn't like Ashcroft can't be all bad.  He's against expanding the Patriot Act? how long a list do you want?

It's a grassroots campaign.  We haven't really seen that since Jimmy Carter.  He's an outsider and while I didn't vote for Carter, I appreciate the idea that somebody who is not part of the entrenched government can run for a major office like this. I think it's refreshing.

I'm Michael Reinhardt. I'm a stockbroker and frankly, I'd like to take back my country.


Take back our country - Switch to Dean for President
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